About Us


Focused on education, empowerment and entertainment, POPLAW is the podcast where pop culture, business, entertainment and law intersect. Attorney and creative storyteller Desiree Talley explores cultural hot topics from a legal perspective through provocative conversations with industry executives. Desiree and her guests dive into contract disputes, contract negotiations, copyright and trademark infringement, defamation suits, NDAs and best practices for negotiation tools and key contract provisions. Not to be confused as legal advice, the answer to your legal woes just may lie in episodes of POPLAW.

Where pop culture, law, business and entertainment intersect.

Our values

Educate – creators on the legal significance of their deals.
Empower – our community to enter business deals with confidence.
Entertain – viewers through law.




The Poplawrazzi is a diverse and passionate group of individuals who share our love for all things entertainment, law, and culture. Whether you’re a budding artist, a seasoned industry professional, or simply someone who enjoys staying informed about the latest legal trends in entertainment, you’re an essential part of our family.

Short-Term Goals

An overview of the immediate objectives we’re working towards.​